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Gens Rental is a family business with a young, dynamic and dedicated drive. As part of a specialized and experienced holding within the electrical sector, we have a 24/7 solution for any electrical problem worldwide.
Dedicated and solution-focused
Dedicated and solution-focused
As a family business with a young, dynamic drive, we distinguish ourselves through enormous involvement, dedication and focus. We stand for short lines and unlimited flexibility. That way, we can provide our customers 24/7 with a suitable energy solution. Because we are part of the specialized and experienced Jeco Energies Group, our service goes beyond the rental and sale of energy solutions. We completely unburden you by taking care of projects from A to Z, from the preliminary phase and the calculations to the delivery. We always stay available for fast, reliable and safe solutions in the event of an emergency.
Part of Jeco Energies Group
Part of Jeco Energies Group
As a member of the Jeco Energies Group, Gens Rental benefits from the extensive expertise of our entire group. Gens Rental specializes in providing temporary power solutions on a global scale. Our group also includes DSG, which specializes in measurements, technical diagnostics, assembly, inspection, maintenance, and repairs for medium and high voltage installations as well as industrial electrical systems. Additionally, with Dymotec, we have over 25 years of experience in industrial automation. Together, under the Jeco Energies umbrella, we collaborate to offer enhanced support and fortify our market position.

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